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Santoshpur Trikon Park Durgotsab Puja Committee Stepping ahead with the tradition of cultural and social heritage of Bengals civic since 1950 is now taking its leadership in improvising creative art through the themes of Durgotsav. This club adds value to the great festive days by finding out obsolescent arts and providing a platform to perform to the creative artists.
Those festive days, Santoshpur Trikon Park area, the main road i.e. Santoshpur Avenue, from top of Sukanto Setu to Battala Bus stoppage, South Road and Park Terraces turns into a combination of different kinds of marketing segments and it creates an ambiance which is relished by millions of people. This provides great opportunity for the marketing entrepreneurs to establish for their business or products through a mass. In this year i.e. 2016, the famous and most renowned concept designer Sri Subrata Banerjee will be visualized this Durga Puja. As a result, we do envisage that the number of footfalls of pandal hoppers at this pandal will be the highest in Kolkata. In view of the catering the need of marketing entrepreneurs this club offers provisions by providing space for stalls, canvassing with banners, hoardings, gates, sponsorship, illuminations including campus decorations etc.
To avail all these advertisement opportunities the effective rates are to be negotiated across the table for the year 2016.

With regards,
Partha Pratim Roy (President)
For, Santoshpur Trikon Park Durgotsav Puja Committee

During Durga Puja a total of more than 7 lacs viewers came physically to visit this Puja for last few years.
About 42% of the viewer belongs to full family set up. And 58% of the viewer belongs to the young aged group.
Another 50 lacs viewers observe this Puja through different TV channels
Huge number of people observes this Puja through social network media.
Specially this year the Puja Committee are expecting that the number of Puja viewers become overwhelmed because the Puja will be visualized by the renowned artist Sri Subrata Banerjee. On previous records of Durga Puja in Kolkata it is referred that Sri Subrata Banerjee is an Artist who has brought an honour,huge number of  prizes , different type of awards and praise to the clubs  in which clubs Sri Subrata Banerjee had kept involvement himself for giving Concept of design regarding the Durga Puja,


Your banners, hoarding and gates will be displayed at all prominent places to attract the attention of the viewers.
You may displayed pandal wrapper for two months before the Durga Puja only.
You may arrange special campaigns for those days.
Special gifts / offers may be given.
Your products for the youth may be placed through special campaigns like quiz, puzzle or games competitions etc.

Scope for Advertisement
Since this Puja located at the entry of Santoshpur (just beside the Sukanto Setu i.e. entry to Santoshpur from Jadavpur end),where there are some other good Pujas, Santoshpur Trikon Park Durgotab Puja Committee do envisage that the number of footfalls of pandal hoppers at this pandal will be the highest in this zone.

Provision of Advertisement
Event partner / Associate partner / Media partner / Official partner / Print partner etc. 2 Nos of Office Backdrops / 1 No. of Main stage Backdrop. 5 Nos of Wall drops 30ft height. 10 Nos of Pillar Gate. 2 Nos of Main venue Gate at top of the Sukanto Setu and other one at Battala bus stoppage. 8 Pairs of L type Gate on main road i.e. Santohspur Avenue and partially on Sukanto Setu. 5 Nos of Over head gate on South road, Park Terraces and South Park. 2 Nos of VIP Gate. 1 No. of Exit gate. Total 14400 sq.ft. space for Hoarding and Banner. 8 Nos of Food Stall 60 sq.ft. Each (including Tea Stall, Beverage Stall, Ice cream Stall) 4 Nos of Stalls for consumer able product, Electrical / electronics products or other. Pandal wrapper for Pre Puja (from two months before Puja.

Santoshpur Trikon Park Sarbojanin Durgotsab Puja Committee
Organized by: Santoshpur Trikon Park Sthaniya Yubak Brinda 31, Santoshpur Avenue, Kolkata 700075
E-mail: //
Partha Pratim Roy 9830053483
Bijoy Halder 9051446435
Shubhopriya Bhattacharjee 9330879956
Saurendra Nath Chowdhury 9163322248
Debasis Banerjee 9831129338
Souvik Bhattacherjee 8820124122
Debasish Sarkar 9831079620

Publicity Planing Map & Road Map of Santoshpur Trikon Park Sarbojonin Durgotsab 2016
Publicity planning map _ Santoshpur Trikon park Sarbojonin Durgotsab
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