For the last 62 years, Santoshpur Trikon Park has kept up an incandescent tradition of promoting different types of creative arts as a host of cultural activities and engaging in social work since its inception. Our club is one of the oldest organizations in South Kolkata formed by some Bangladeshi evacuees. As a part of cultural activities, our club has acquired huge fame for its way of celebrating the biggest festival of Bengal-“Durgotsav” with grandeur. From 2001, we gave our celebration a different angle by focusing on “Theme puja”. Finding out obsolescent arts and its artists from different remote corner of the countries, we offer them a platform to perform and exhibit their beautiful innovative creation. We have showcased some beautiful ‘themes’ for the past few years which turns our puja to quite different level. Pandal hoppers have been found queuing for hours to get a glimpse of our puja. As a part of our celebration, every  year  we organize a grand inauguration where different honorable persons are invited to inaugurate our pandal. In addition to this, every year we also arrange cultural programs and competitions
to unveil the potential of the youth for the benefit of the society.
But our club has not only masterminded theme based aesthetic puja but it is also actively involved in community development by various social welfare like providing books for the poor  children, carrying out free health check up camps, helping  Thalassaemia victims, etc. Again, every year blood donation and eye check up camps are organized where we help people by providing free spectacles and arranging for their micro-surgeries.
As a proud president of our club, I take this opportunity to showcase through this presentation the various activities undertaken by our club. By the active support of increasing number of participants, we are continuing to strive hard to make this conventional Durgotsav celebration, one of the best of its kinds so that  the name of Trikon Park remain historically etched in the minds of generations to come.
With regards,
Santoshpur Trikon Park Durgotsav Committee




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